New 2012 Lancaster General Students

  1. This is a repost...I'm slotted to start this Aug in the day/full time program @Lancaster General School of Nursing. Was wondering if there were any "newbies" like me that wanted to get together for coffee/lunch before orientation on June 15th, let me know!!!
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  3. by   darkbeauty
    Starting with their Mat 150 this FALL. Did you take it already, and how is it?
  4. by   rookie1
    No I haven't taken it yet, I'm just starting at Lancaster next week myself. I'm scheduled to take this class on Tuesday morning 8:30, what time is yours??
  5. by   darkbeauty
    Mine classe will be Tue 12p-3p. Only taking Math 150 this semester. Will attempt Micro in the Spring. have you gotten a list of the books you should buy?