1. Just wondering (looked this up, but couldn't find the info) how many days do you hae to wait to retake NCLEX in PA if you fail? Is it 45 or 90 days?

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  3. by   johnstarks
    According to the Kaplan books, it says 91 days. I've tried to confer this on the PA BON website, but was unsuccessful.

    But according to the NCSBN website, it states:

    The NCSBN retake policy allows candidates to retake their examination 45 days after administration of their examination. Candidates who have applied for licensure with a participating board of nursing will be permitted to take the NCLEX examination eight times a year, but no more than once in any 45-day period, unless limited to fewer retakes by the desired jurisdiction of licensure.
    Note: The following boards of nursing do NOT participate in the 45-day retake period. Candidates are encouraged to contact these boards of nursing for their policy on NCLEX Examination retakes: Georgia-RN, Guam, and Washington.

    So I'm not sure. Maybe you should try calling the PA Board of Nursing or email them at
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