LPN to RN or BSN in Southern PA to central pa?

  1. Looking for a LPN to either RN or BSN. I know of a program in WV no entrance exam, and incorporates all pre-reqs into 3 year part time program. Anyone know of anything like that? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   HollyHart
    The Reading Hospital and Medical Center has a nursing school. Full-time 2 years and part-time 3 years. I think most everything is included. Also they allow LPN's to take a test to transfer out of 2 nursing classes if you pass. I am starting the part-time program this fall. It is a diploma program. Hope this helps.
    Reading Area Community College also has a program, but I don't know anything about it.
  4. by   subenurse1
    HollyHart-did you take an entrance exam for RH and what test? were you on a waiting list?
  5. by   r0b0tafflicti0n
    I think Penn State Altoona has an LPN-RN program? I'm not sure if that's too far for you. Otherwise. . .UPMC St. Margaret's in the N. Suburbs of Pittsburgh?