info on PNH in Philly

  1. looking for info on PNH in philadephia. new to pa, and philly. have heard rumors, would like to chat with someone who knows. nurse cat 5
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  3. by   lanjjosie

    I worked there, and I don't know what their saying but what ever it is it's probaly true. I say if you want to work there or second thought there are so many places to work in PA don't stress your self, stay away from PNH.
  4. by   MsLady06
    Yes i know someone who has worked at this facility and I've heard strange and negative things. The place is nasty and the residents dont get the proper care. The staff is very prejudice(one can be predjudice against many things. I wont go into detail, I think were all adults and can read between the lines.) and the workers can be very harsh. If staff does not like you they will find ways to get back at you i.e(major paycheck errors, purposely not given overtime). It is really not a great place to consider employment and depending on your area of nursing they pay is sour. LPN(18.00hr) CNA(aprox 10.00) Also they have you working short on floors which can be stressful if there are alot of residents on the unit.