HELP!!! Looking for CNA/PCA Programs in Chester County

  1. For months, I've been getting all my ducks in a row to take the 8 credit PCA program at DCCC in the Spring, which would allow me to take a CNA course and a PCA course simultaneously. Unfortunately, I just found out that they have decided not to offer the CNA component of the program, and one cannot take the PCA component now without earning a CNA first...

    So now, I'm going to have to find a CNA class in order to take the PCA class at DCCC in the Spring...

    Does anyone out there have any information about CNA classes in Chester County during Spring 2008? Any help would be so greatly appreciated! I am so disappointed...
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  3. by   adamsmom
    Yes I do but you will have to work for them, you can work per diem but will have to work. The class is free, and you take the test there. It is a LTC facility. If you would like more info you can email me.
    Lee D.