1. Does anyone know how long it takes before hearing back from a potential employer after an interview. I had an interview last week and still haven't heard this a bad sign?
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  3. by   nurselaur
    It really depends on the facility's need. Were they hiring for FT or pool? I am the DON of a psych facility and if I need someone right away, I will tell them at the end of the interview if he/she is hired. If it is a big hospital, it may take a little longer. Jsut keep applying to places - there are tons of jobs out there. Like I said - I am hiring for a new place in Pottstown if you are interested in psych and it isn't too far.
  4. by   bluePhilly17
    Thanks nurselaur! I got a full-time position in the hospital. They called me yesterday! I'm really happy. I was just wondering is full-time 36 hours or 40 hours?
  5. by   nurselaur
    Bluephilly - it is different for every facility again - sorry I can't be more specific. if they are 12 hours shifts - I would think 36 hours would be FT. Are you at CHOP? I always wanted to be a NICU nurse - but got side tracked into Psych - maybe one day! Congrats on your daughter!