Hello! What is traffic like from South Jersey to UPENN hospital?

  1. Hi! I'm seriously considering taking a position at the University of Penn on Spruce street nest to the children's hospital. My only concern is the travel since i will be coming from south jersey. Does anyone know what the commute is like and what time the traffic starts to get bad? What time is a good time to leave if i work a 7a-7p shift. Also does anyone know what the parking situation is like? Thanks! I'm not too familiar with the philadelphia region but i heard traffic can get really nasty. Hope someone can spare some advice.
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  3. by   roxy48

    Your commute should not be too bad if you have to be at work by 7 am. Later in the day the traffic can get heavy from the bridges through downtown. (7 - 9 am) Your two bridge choices are the Ben Franklin or the Walt Whitman. Listen to 1060 AM radio staion while driving in because they give traffic updates every 10 minutes. I commute from the philly burbs to South Philly and the traffic is not bad early in the day or after 6-7pm at night. Parking around UofPenn is bad and you will need to use parking garages in the area (Human resources should be able to give you info on employee parking). Good luck to you