HACC uniforms question

  1. How many uniforms do you think is necessary to purchase? Do you have to wear them to lecture as well as clinical days? Do you need a lab coat? Any suggestions as to what we need to purchase would be appreciated. I don't actually have orientation until December and I need to start budgeting now for things I have to have. Such as stethoscopes, book bag(do you need a wheeled one?), uniforms, books, shoes, etc. I do not qualify for financial aid so I have to either get loans or pay out of pocket for everything. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   BacktotheBeach
    My school wants us to have 2 sets of uniforms, 1 lab coat. We do not have to wear it to class, just clinicals. We also had to buy 2 nametags (like $5) bandage scissors, penlight, stethoscope, all white leather shoes and socks. Books are about $1000, some are used for the entire program, not just first year. Don't buy anything until the school tells you exactly what you need. Also there are various vaccinations, blood titers and the physical exam that cost a bit also. Good luck! It is exciting, isn't it?
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  4. by   mnmcbm
    It is exciting but also a little scary! Thanks!
  5. by   BacktotheBeach
    Yea, I am really, really nervous. I start Fall quarter, mid September.
  6. by   PaFlower
    For Hacc, they are switching uniforms starting in Jan 2011 so get as little white ones as you can get away with.
  7. by   Strwbrywne
    Hey PaFlower, what's changing about the uniforms? Just curious because I start clinicals in Jan 2011. I know they will let us know, I am just curious if you know any details of the change. The current uniforms are hidious!!
  8. by   PaFlower
    Right now they are white but starting in Jan they will be maroon. Which means I will have to buy some this semester and then different ones next semester but you will be fine.
  9. by   mnmcbm
    Well looks like I am lucking out as well. I think the new uniforms sound better than the white. A very good thing. Keeping white looking good is a chore.
  10. by   skcna
    I'm about to start pre-lpn in the fall at HACC and was wondering how hard this is going to be and if anyone know of places that have a tuition repayment program (im currenly a cna)?
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  11. by   Balsadragon
    About the HACC uniforms, as far as I know, they're going to be white tops, maroon bottoms. I'm in the PN class right now and they had us vote (same with the RN class) about changing the bottoms from white to maroon. We all voted to change the colors, but unfortunately the uniforms won't change until next year.

    As far as how many to buy, from my own personal experience, start out with one or two. I'm entering my third semester and I still only have one uniform set. The material is thick and uncomfortable as hell, but it's extremely durable. I was afraid to buy more than one set at the beginning just because I was afraid of wasting the money if I didn't make it in the program. Now that I'm starting the 3rd semester I'm going to buy another top, because despite all the bleach I've used it's started to look a little gray. But that's just me. Other students in my class have three or four sets of uniforms...and then again, others have only one that are left over from when they attempted the program a few years ago.

    Good luck!
  12. by   BBRANRN2013
    I start part time clinicals at the lancaster campus starting January 2011. Will I be one that gets the new uniforms?? Yay, I hope so! I take my Dosage Calculation test on Friday, I'm getting a little nervous. My papers say that we should buy at least two uniforms from Rose Uniforms. com and that we also purchase our nametags from them. Where on the website can you purchase them. I know at Orientation in December, they will have uniforms there to try on and purchase but what about the nametags? Anyone have any suggestions on what kind of stethoscope to purchase...One better than the other and hopefully would last? Anyone else starting part time clinicals in January at Lancaster? Thanks!
  13. by   BBRANRN2013
    Where are you starting clinicals at? I am starting the Lancaster part time clinicals in January 2011???
  14. by   svemtb4378
    I'm going to start my nursing at hacc this spring at Lancaste.
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