Gwynedd Mercy College

  1. Hi all,

    Is anyone begining the weekend option nursing program at Gwynedd fall of 2007. I received my acceptance letter about a month ago.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Good luck! Worked over the years with many Gwyneed nurses. Those on my unit with AD, went back for BSN, some advanced MSN or school nurse certificate. Great program.
  4. by   gmc16us
    i just received my please to inform you letter on last week. i've been trying to look around for people that have gone to the program to know what to expect. if anyone knows info about the gmc weekend option let me know. i'll be starting in the fall of 2007
  5. by   jewels31103
    Hi gmc16us,

    Did you receive your folder in the mail regarding reading materials and etc...? Do you live in PA, I will be traveling from New York.
  6. by   gmc16us
    yup, got the folder. i live about 20 minutes away from gmc. that sounds like a serious hike you got. take-care
  7. by   LUsciouslyLU
    i went to gmc, i still do, im just got done the ASN program there. we pretty much have the same teachers and stuff as the weekend program. i do know that their pass rate is higher that the regular program, and that those weekends are killer long but its a good school.