Drexel 4 year BSN co-op Fast Track Program

  1. hi! i just got into the 4 year bsn co-op as a transfer student yesterday
    I did some research and heard about a fast track program for transfer students to finish in 2 years while taking 11 online nursing courses. if anyone has any information at all about the fast track program, I would be very grateful if you can share it with me. I am very interested in this program, however I have not been able to find ant information at all for it. PLEASE HELP! :smackingf thanks in advance!
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  3. by   honeycrisp
    I haven't heard of this, but would be interested also as another accepted transfer student! Did you see it on the Drexel website or somewhere else?
  4. by   m&m112
    No, there is no info about it anywhere. I have only heard through word of mouth and there has been a mention or two about it on this website, however no one knows what it is.