CCP Nursing Readmission/Reapply

  1. Hey all, just curious have any of you guys withdrew from CCP's program and had to reapply. I did unfortunuately and I reapplied in January and still havent heard back. I know most of your guys have gotten your letters already by the end of March. I reapplied last year about this time and got my acceptance letter but couldn't start because of medical reasons. Just wondering if any of you guys know when they send of the letters for students who are being reinstated into the program.
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  3. by   springgarden
    Did you get your letter yet?

    I was in your shoes 2 years ago and last year.

    2 years ago, I could not take up my re-admission because of family problems.

    Last year, I initially did get get accepted. I appealed and then was re-admitted.