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  1. Has anyone ever heard of a Baylor position? Is there many Baylor positions available?
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  3. by   hellonurse36
    I worked for Baylor in Texas and they had the Baylor option - basically a weekend option at other places. Not sure of the exact details, but goes something like this - work weekends, 24 hrs, receive full time benefits and get paid for 36 hrs. Pretty good deal.

  4. by   chester427
    A lot of the hospitals have WIN or WIP - weekend incentive programs dont know what the N stands for in the other option but you have to have a least a year of nursing to qualify at a lot of the hospitals.
  5. by   Spacklehead
    Many hospitals around here (Philly area) have weekend-option programs. Although most here don't pay you for 36 hrs if you work two 12's, they do give you full benefits and a very decent salary.
  6. by   rnicupcu
    WHat is the pay in Philadelphia for a weekend differential?
  7. by   chloecatrn
    I'm pretty sure that you'll find weekend differential pay varies from hospital to hospital.

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