Active vs. Inactive License questions

  1. Hi,
    I am new to your board and have a few questions I hope someone can answer. I currently hold an active LPN license since 2000. I kept my license active because my husbands job isn't that great and wanted to have my license incase I needed to return to work if he got laid off. I haven't worked for 4 years, since the birth of my first daughter, and in the meantime i've had another child. I would love to continue to stay a home for a little while longer with the new baby before returning to work if its possible. I read that if you go inactive for more than 5 years that you need to ensure continued competence. (i'm assuming taking a test) I am still active incase I need to get back to work.....if I keep my license active and then decide to go back to work next year and its been 5 years will the place I decide to work at not hire me because I've not worked for 5 years? Will I need to retest? Anyone who has been through this? Its so hard when you have kids and any parent would understand how hard it is to leave them.
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