2017/18 Philly area New Grad Starting Salaries

  1. I know threads like this pop up all the time and that there are websites such as glassdoor where you can check salaries etc. However, as new grads I think its important we are aware of the true expectations of salary and what we should be pushing for in our search for entry-level positions. The cost of living in Philadelphia has increased significantly in the past year and hopefully as new nurses we are entering our search for new jobs on a common front and asking for a salary respective to that increase in living expenses.

    What have you asked for/been offered in your search in the Philadelphia area? Has there been any negotiations?

    Comment the institution, salary, differentials you've experienced in the past year:
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  3. by   Future_HospiceRN
    I was hoping there were some responses. I recently moved here from the Long Island, NY area.
  4. by   Code Caffeine
    Is anyone willing to share anything about the Temple Nurse Residency Program, or Crozier Residency Program?