2017/18 Philly area New Grad Starting Salaries

  1. I know threads like this pop up all the time and that there are websites such as glassdoor where you can check salaries etc. However, as new grads I think its important we are aware of the true expectations of salary and what we should be pushing for in our search for entry-level positions. The cost of living in Philadelphia has increased significantly in the past year and hopefully as new nurses we are entering our search for new jobs on a common front and asking for a salary respective to that increase in living expenses.

    What have you asked for/been offered in your search in the Philadelphia area? Has there been any negotiations?

    Comment the institution, salary, differentials you've experienced in the past year:
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  3. by   Future_HospiceRN
    I was hoping there were some responses. I recently moved here from the Long Island, NY area.
  4. by   Code Caffeine
    Is anyone willing to share anything about the Temple Nurse Residency Program, or Crozier Residency Program?
  5. by   Dana27
    I just heard from the recruiter at Hahnemann that the pay rate for nurses that receive their RN in 2018 is $32/hr. +15% for nights, +$2 for weekends.

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