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Penicillin for GBS+ moms

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In our facility we give penicillin every 4 hours to GBS+ moms. Now my understanding is that after the 2nd dose goes through, mom is considered "covered." However, talking to some other nurses, they stated that the first dose just has to be in for 4 hours and that this is considered adequate coverage. The reason why we say 2 doses is because it just happens to be that at the 4 hour mark you would start the 2nd dose. 

Just wondering if anyone knows if the 1 dose for at least 4 hours is considered adequate, or if 2 doses actually has to go through?

So for example, if a mom got 2 doses but missed her 3rd dose then would she not be covered anymore? Just some confusion on my end. I always thought they had to get 2 doses. 

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It’s antibiotic coverage for at least 4 hours. Some literature shows partial coverage at 2 hours, but four+ hours is ideal. 

It has to do with establishing adequate serum drug levels (both maternal and fetal) which is time- rather than dose-dependent  


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