Pending resp. viral panals and patients

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Good day everyone!

Recently, I have noticed that some of our units in our hospital have been placing patients with pending Resp viral panels in the same room with other pending resp viral panel patients. I know I have read somewhere before (i think through the CDC website) where placing patients with the same resp. virus in the same room is acceptable but it is unacceptable to place two PENDING panels because one may have influenza A and the other may simply have rhinovirus.

Can anyone verify this information or point me to a link or study so I may provide evidence to help out patient safety?

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CDC - MDRO Guideline:Prevention - HICPAC

As per the CDC, and my hospital adopts this as well patient with confirmed like illnesses may be co-horted together and they CANNOT be pending results. So if patients are waiting results on a respiratory viral panel they should not be co-horted together as they could cross contaminate one another which is not good for the say immuno-suppressed patient.

I would contact your infection control department and notify them of what is happening, they may not be aware of this practice.