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Peds/PICU or ER new grad position

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I am in nursing school currently and will be finishing up in the spring. I started out working as a CNA in peds/picu at one hospital because I knew I wanted to be a pediatric nurse. Because they would not hire me as a CNA 2 at that job I ended up transferring to a different hospital and have been working in the ER since. I have absolutely loved the ER, I love learning all the different things, trauma, you name it. I know a manager on one of the pediatric floors here who wants me to come work for her now. So here’s my predicament, if I stay working in the ER they will hire me as a new grad and if I go back to peds, they will hire me as a new grad. I absolutely love both and I don’t mind working with adults, but I prefer to work with kids. I already know a lot of the people I would work with if I go to peds from volunteering there for 4+ years in undergrad.


Would it be better to get some ER experience and then transfer to peds or start in peds since that is where my heart is?


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Other things to consider:

ER is currently way more flexible with my school schedule and I shouldn’t have a problem staying full time my last semester. Peds likely wouldn’t have the schedule flexibility I need right now.

Because of some JCo things, I’ve currently had to work a LOT of psych ED, which I’m just not a huge fan and I’m not sure how much longer that will last, but I don’t think I can tolerate another 9 months of it. 

I like being busy. I like learning new things. 

My ER manager has told me they need nurses willing to do Peds ER and once I’m a nurse he’s happy to train me there. Not much room to work there as an NA because they have others who have been there for 30+ years and that’s the only place they will work. 

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