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Peds medical psych unit


:cool:Does anyone work in a medical psych unit? I'm specifically interested in the types of medical patients you currently take care of. We have eating disorder patients that require NG feeds however we don't do the initial treatment of these patients on our unit as they are usually transfered to us from other units. We don't do IV treatment at all or have cardiac monitors. We do take diabetics but that is about it. How do you keep your skills current? Do you do your own vital signs or do you have techs that complete vitals? Do you see chronic pain patients and do you have PCA pumps on your floor. Sorry for such random questions but I'm trully interested in medical psych but feel that most of these patients are kept on the medical floors with psych consulting on the cases. Just curious what else is available for these true medical psych patients.

Thunderwolf, MSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg, Geriatric, Behavioral Health. Has 32 years experience.

For many in psych, one of the best ways to keep current in medical nursing is to work a day or two/week not in the field of psych...experience often is the best teacher...learning to become comfortable wearing BOTH hats.

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