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Peds Heme-Onc nursing- question/advice

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Hi to all of the peds Heme-Onc nurses out there! Can you give me details of what a typical day is like for you? What is your usual patient ratio? How is it interacting with families? I have heard that patients on the heme-onc floors are usually the sickest in the hospital aside from the ICUs- do you agree with this?

I am currently a PICU nurse, but finding that PICU is really not for me. I am hoping to make the switch to heme onc, but I would love to have more information and details from anyone out there! Thanks so much!

KelRN215, BSN, RN

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I am a peds oncology RN but I don't work inpatient. On the inpatient side, you will see everything from the newly diagnosed kid whose parents brought him to the Pediatrician thinking he had a virus to the dying/end of life child. You will also see everything in between- kids admitted with failure to thrive needing NG or G tube support, kids admitted with fever and neutropenia who need IV antibiotics, frequent transfusions, boluses and could go septic at the drop of a hat, etc.