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pediatric skills

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I've worked for 2 years in my first nursing job as an adult med-surg nurse and applying to a job away from the bedside to a community health RN with a focus on peds but I will have to rotate through the peds clinic (primary care) bi-annually to maintain pediatric skills.

Are these the pediatric skills being referred to:

Weighing infants? Measuring their head circumference? A pediatric head to toe? Knowing the "normal" vitals for the various age groups? Knowing how to give vaccines to the various age groups, FLACC/Faces pain scales?

What other pediatric primary care skills are there? My peds rotation was at an acute care children's hospital where we took vitals, couldn't give meds and did a basic peds head to toe.


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I'm a manager for peds primary care practice. My nurses are responsible for:

-obtaining vital signs and growth measurements

-administering immunizations and educating about side effects

-telephone triage/calling families with results, etc.

-case management (i.e. obtaining PAs for Synagis)

-completing school forms

-in office labs: strep, influenza, hgb/lead, bili, mono spot, etc.

-providing lactation support

-administering meds

-and much more...

Best wishes and feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

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