working with children

  1. I'm in Nursing School now and i studying to be a RN, but i want to work with kids, how do i go about doing that.
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  3. by   pedsrnjoe
    I have been out of school for just over a year, and my first job was pediatrics. for me, it was easy to get into peds, the hospital recruiter actually "tracked me down", because the opportunity came up and she knew it was my goal. I recently almost left to our Trauma Center, but at the last minute I stayed with Peds because I just enjoyed the children too much. First, try to work as a tech or aide at a hospital, in the Peds department if you can, and you have an inside track, as you will know the manager and staff already. All you have to do is apply for the job and prove you are willing to learn! Good Luck.