What is bonchiomalacia?

  1. I am an RN in pediatric homecare. Starting soon, I will have a new client. He is 15 mos. old and has bronchiomalacia. I like to be prepared by brushing up on different diagnoses/conditions before opening a case. I have looked all over the web and can't find out exactly what bronchiomalacia is. Can anyone help my please? In particular, I would like a definition and information on care specific to these children. I already know he is on a vent and have worked with vents before. ---Rose
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  3. by   Mona
    Respell as bronchomalacia and look that up. Also check your email, I left my home number-have lots of info from a peds respiratory book(I'm not industrious enough to type it all out right now) Give me a call, I'd love to talk. Good luck,mona