tutoring program to help kids self concept

  1. All three of children have low self esteem, hard time making friends, struggling in school. I've checked into Kumon tutoring and Sylvan tutoring; big price difference. Any input on if improved grades help improved self esteem?
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  3. by   need2be
    Hi, I have heard of Kumon, my sons teacher spoke very highly of it. He had his son in it, and he felt it helped them.
  4. by   hock1
    So far so excellent. My children are now doing nightly homework without being prompted. Today they only slightly baulked at going to the meeting. When we left they were all smiles! Hope it keeps working.
  5. by   hock1
    I just wanted to update my own thread. My children are attending Kumon. What a wonderful (sometimes traumatic) program. After two months the kids are used to the routine. They have improved. I am very pleased with the program, however, I can't say the kids are. They want to play all the time during summer vacation, not do Kumon. It can be a chore sometimes, but when I see a flicker of light mixed with pride in accomplishment, it just becomes a wonderful moment.