Teaching adolescents

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    Some classmates and I are trying to figure out an answer to a question for our pediatric's class. What would be the best answer to the following?

    When teaching an adolescent scheduled for an appendectomy about what to expect, which of the following approaches would be most effective?
    • Providing the primary essential information
    • Using age appropriate jargon with explanations.
    • Using diagrams when explaining procedures
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  3. by   LisaG21
    All three would be acceptable, but when teaching an adolescent or any person you want to use jargon they know...most medical jargon is not commonly known. Also you want to use their bodies to show them everything that is going on and explain everything to them. Diagrams help if they are old enough, and if they are on the younger side you might use dolls or let play with equipment. Also depending on age you want to wait until right before the procedure because you don't want them to use their imagination to think up crazy things