New nurse in peds!!

  1. Hey guys,

    I am starting as a new nurse (I graduated in May) at a pediatric hospital. Its is partial med surg and partial transplant. Can you guys tell me what I will need as far as tools. I have the usual a stethoscope, sissors, pen light. But do you think I need anything else?

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  3. by   LisaG21
    guess not...thanks for the help ...
  4. by   NessaNurse
    Quote from LisaG21
    guess not...thanks for the help ...
    A pediatric med book would be good, unless they have them on your floor/unit. You have to compare pt wt to the dose of med, and a calculator (did you mentin that), to calculate the dose. Some scrubs with cartoon characters (why not!)
  5. by   nursepotter05
    A peds med book is good because most likely the drug book you used at school doesn't have peds doses in it. My hospital uses Lexi-comp's Pediatric Drug book. Scrubs with cartoon characters is good. A small toy which lights up you can hang from your badge so you can either distract or check pupils with. I have seen dinosaur heads which light up used. I have a stethoscope cover which is a lion.