New Graduate RN Looking For Pediatric Nursing Resources

  1. Hello hello everyone ~

    I am currently on the job hunt for Pediatric New Grad Residency programs and wanted to ask if you could share any pediatric-specific resources you used to brush up on before interviews.

    There's a huge breadth of information of pediatric nursing information that I can go over and wanted help focusing on what I should review/look in to.

    Heavily leaning towards the realm of Pediatric MedSurg, Cardiac, or Step-Down units.

    Please comment below with links to (review) resources you use(d) or comment below on specific topics you think I should look in to.

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   confettireads
    Hello NabaroKairu!

    I'm currently on the same boat, and found this really great resource as a relatively new graduate nurse interested in pediatrics.

    Physical Assessment (Child)