Making the switch from Peds Psych to Peds ED

  1. I recently made a switch from working as an RN on a Peds Acute Psych unit to working in a Peds ED. I started as a Psych RN right after graduating nursing school, and other than the sporadic psych/chronic medical patients we treated on the unit, I've had no other clinical exposure since nursing school. I worked on the Psych unit 5 years prior to making this switch. My primary motivation for switching was to gain medical experience, and to have a a faster-pace environment to develop good critical thinking skills, and emergency treatment knowledge and still having the Psych component. It's been 4 months since I finished orientation, and although I'm maintaining and learning, I'm struggling at times with the critical thinking aspect and the skills. I guess I'm just curious if there are any Peds ED RN's out there that might have some insight into things I can do to help myself grow besides time and exposure to ED patients. I want to be the best I can be for my kiddos and have really been down on myself for not picking things up as quickly as I feel like I should. Thanks ahead of time for any advice you may have.
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