I Only Hope

  1. When I leave this earth
    No one is going to care
    what kind of car I drove....
    how large and beautiful my house was...
    how expensive my clothes were...
    how beautiful my yard was...

    I only hope that somewhere there are children who remember that...
    I gave them laughter when they were sad.
    I gave them courage when they were afraid.
    I gave them comfort when they were in pain.
    I gave them love when they were alone.
    I gave them hope when they were in despair.
    I gave them light when there seemed to be nothing but darkness.

    But, most of all...
    I gave of myself when there was no more to give.
    Then, and only then, will my life be fulfilled.

    Steven Blanchard, RN
    Pediatric Home Health Nurse
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  3. by   nursing4kids
    thanks for a few words that speak volumes!
  4. by   IRISHBREAD
    i totally agree!!!!!!!!!!