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  1. I am in the process of developing a 4 hour class to train floats to our pediatric, post-partum and women's health units. They will also have 2 - 12 hour shifts: one each on peds and post partum. I work in a +/- 200 bed community hospital.My Nurse Manager feels like we rarely use floats, and when we do, it's been ages since they have had orientation so they can't maintain competncies specific to these patient populations. Therefore, we shouldn't spend so much $ ... we should focus on teaching them"lower end tasks" We used to spend 3 days in the classroom and 2 weeks on each unit. What things would you delegate to a float? The majority of our patient population is gastro, respiratory ie asthma, rsv, pneumonia, appy's, ortho, and our chronic CF's, Crohn's. Thanks!!
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