Duke New Grad Program January 2013

  1. I am a May 2012 graduate and I was extended an offer on a pediatric unit at Duke University Hospital with a start date in January 2013. Is anyone else starting at Duke in January? I will be relocating to the area from MA and would like to connect with some possible new co-workers and friends!
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  3. by   Katie71275
    I have a question...When did you apply and where? Do you just go to the regular job bank for Duke?
    I graduate in May 2013 and highly interested in working at Duke (would be relocating from the South), but not sure when new grad positions are posted.
  4. by   esf08001
    Congrats on your position! Just wondering how soon you were offered a job after you interviewed? I'm interviewing soon and any advice would be helpful! Thank you!
  5. by   BrenRN12
    I'm going to be starting in January 2013 as well and I'll be relocating from NY. I'm excited for the move although looking for housing has been taking up some time.
  6. by   gallifrey
    Hi! I'm also going to be working in peds at Duke. Are you in the January 28 orientation group?
  7. by   BrenRN12
    Hey I'll be starting on january 28th as well on the maternity unit! I'm excited/nervous!