child pulse & respiration

  1. Can you please describe the characteristics of pulse and respiration for the child under 1 year?!
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  3. by   adellisrn
    neonate 0-1month pulse80-180, resp 30 60, BP sys 50-70--d 25-50

    1month to 1year pulse 80-160, resp30-50, BP sys 74-100---d 50-70

    Hope this helps

  4. by   panda_181
    Hey Amanda! I just wanted to know what part of Canada you were from. My name is Amanda and I'm from Alberta...I don't see too many Canadians around here!

  5. by   vinona
    amanda..10x for your replay...can you pls help with more details about P and R ...probably... describing them in normal circumstances?!