Cathing an intact infant without retracting?

  1. Were you taught how to catherize an intact infant without retracting in nursing school, or were you taught to retract? What about adult caths? Were you taught about cathing an intact adult? Did your training mannequin appear circumcised?

    Just curious...
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    We weren't really taught one way or the other. In little boys I retract it only as far as I need to to see where I'm going, clean it REALLY well and go for it. For older boys, I check to see how restrictive it is... it usually isn't at all, and then retract completely, clean really well, cath and wash off the povidone, then put everything back the way I found it. A small number of older boys and adults will have phimosis which makes it difficult to do much retraction, but unless they have a lot of genital edema, you can move it enough to see the meatus.