11 year old son w/mustache

  1. Hi - I don't know whether to be concerned or not...my son (will be 12 in Jan) has grown a mustache and has certainly hit puberty in his nether regions! He doesn't have axillary hair yet.

    He has NF1, and bilateral renal artery stenosis, and a small glioma on his hypothalamus. His endo took him off his Lupron in June so he could "go into puberty" since he is in the 5th grade. At the same time his renal doc upped his Minoxidil which has a hair growth side effect. He has very fair fuzz on his chin (really nothing at all) but DEFINATELY has darker hair on his upper lip. We go back to the endo in October - but in your opinion, should I move it up? Or is this natural? And am I over-reacting? I wouldn't be so concerned if he were a "typical" child, but he does have some special needs (talking).

    Just wanted some input...
    Many thanks,

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  3. by   Tweety
    Rhonda, I'm sorry but we can not offer medical advice. (See the Terms of Service). These questions can be addressed with your pediatrician/ARNP.

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