Pediatric Nurse Competencies

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Hi ALL,  Looking for help/resources/etc. on developing Competencies for a small peds/med/surg unit.   Very new to the education arena and have no idea where to look.  Thanks in advance for any help!!

vampiregirl, BSN, RN

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I took a staff development job in a SNF years ago and remember wondering where to start and where to locate resources...

I started with areas of concern from our facilities most recent survey and sought feedback from nurses and managers on what were the biggest concerns. 

Making sure any education was well organized, informative and interesting/ engaging whenever possible really helped with "buy-in". 

Good luck!



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Thank you so much,  I'm going to do a skills checklist to see major areas we are lacking and I also went to the SPN who had a great webinar on developing competencies.