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Pediatric ED/PICU/NICU blogs

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So I work in ED and occasionally float to peds ED and wanted some good resources/blogs on neonatal and pediatric emergency & critical care.

I'm so foreign to peds/neonatal intubations and resusciations. In 5 years of working ED I've never had any.. and thank goodness, but I'd like to brush up and be prepared and have something other than a textbook to learn from.

Looking for info on:

Peds/neonates RSI intubations

critical meds and drips

peds/neontal cardiac abnormalities and management

trauma in neonates/peds

I'm currently studying for my CPEN (Pediatric ED nursing) certification and these questions are killing me lol, it's seems more difficult than the adult cert. I'm not getting many right and I really need a good peds overview.

Thanks in advance!

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NotReady4PrimeTime has 25 years experience as a RN and specializes in NICU, PICU, PCVICU and peds oncology.

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That's a HUGE range of things you're looking for. There's no way it would all fit into the scope of this website. For cardiac defects you could look at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital's website. They have a comprehensive interactive learning center for that. AHA has PALS references for your RSI bit. NRP would give you the neonatal bit.

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Yes I have PALS and NRP. Doing CPEN now and looking to find an ENPC trauma course.

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