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pearsonvue registration

by i_amanurse i_amanurse (New) New

hi everyone!

I've already receive my eligibility from the BON a week ago.. the mail says that i should register to pearsonvue to receive my att.. 3wks ago, i registered at the pearsonvue website; fill out the forms; print and send the confirmation page to the nclex operations; and paid a $200 fee via demand draft.. still, i haven't receive my att.. am i already registered? coz i still don't have a username and password.. when i try to create a new web account, i can't proceed. it says that i need to provide a credit card no., which i don't have that's why i paid thru demand draft..

what should i do? please do help me.. need your reply asap.. thanks in advance. :))


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You should contact Pearsonvue about your problem.

I already talked to the Pearsonvue people. They said me that it takes 2-3 wks before a registered mail reaches them and after that, i need to wait for another 10-14 days for them to review my registration. They told me to call them again this monday to check if the mail has reached them and if they've reviewed my registration already.. and then they'll give me my username and password..

thanks for your reply..:)