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Pearson Vue Trick DOES NOT WORK


I just want everyone to know that I took my NCLEX yesterday at 8:00 am. I did the Pearson Vue "trick" like everyone was saying to do and I got the credit card "bad" pop up!!! I kept re-checking it over and over again throughout the day and this morning I checked it again (probably a total of 25-30 times I checked) and kept getting the "bad" pop up.... well you know what, I PASSED!!! THE TRICK DOES NOT WORK!!! I checked the Florida board at https://ww2.doh.state.fl.us/onlinetestNET/default.aspx and I PASSED with the credit card page showing up again and again. Please DO NOT believe this "trick."

I ALSO had my best friend take her NCLEX last Friday and she had 75 questions and got the "good" pop up that said that "records indicate that you have recently registered for this test," and SHE FAILED! Okay guys, the trick does not work!!

Apparently the PVT is outdated, everyone goes into the CC page now.

The new thing is to attempt to PAY to retest, if it doesnt let you, you pass. If it lets you then you fail.