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pearson vue doesn't look right?

by krissytintin88 krissytintin88 (New) New

I took nclex today all day I been doing the pvt now im not sure if it really works but my 3 friends who took it did the pvt and white the good pop and when official results came they passed. So I did it today and I didnt get a pop I got a message on the top with a exclamation point in it saying something like has been already scheduled and cannot open a new registration when I press submit it doesn't go through and says thag and doesn't charge my card im so worried I feel like I didnt do great as inbound have. Does anyone know if you have to have a pop up or is it ok that's is says that on the screen when I try to pay also should I wait a few more days before I try again to do pv

I have a pic of what it says but I cant post it here for some reason won't let me

BellaRose4281, LVN

Has 7 years experience.

As long as you went through the entire process and it didn't charge your card, you probably passed. It's not a pop up.