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Pearson View Trick

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OMG Pearson view trick works!! I tested on Monday... CRIED so much after. I actually CHOKED on a med math! they were like drop factor is 60. and that's it! I was like shoot what goes under that 60!!?? 60 per what!!:nailbiting: and actually guessed and moved on bc I was taking too long :( ..went past 76 and my heart dropped! shut down on 85! I cried and cried.. did the trick and got good pop up! ...prayed and prayed and paid to see that I PASSED!! couldn't freakin believe it! ..honestly Kaplan wasn't the same at all but notes and material/rationale helped .. I highly recommend reading these notes!! HELPED A TON and have great pneumonics!! [COLOR=#003366]http://www.hisname.org/resources/NCLEX-Random-facts.txt Good luck all!!