Pearson 48hrs Quick Results


Does anyone know if the Pearson Quick results are available 48hrs after you finish the exam or from your start time ? I took my exam on Monday July 13th 12pm and finished around 1:15-1:30pm. I'm really hoping after midnight I could check but wishful thinking.

I believe mine was from when I finished. About an hour later than that acually, meaning it was about 49 hours from when I finished that my results were available. Try to relax (I know it's nearly impossible) and keep the faith!

Thank you so much for the reply. I was initially hoping midnight🤦‍♀️ LOL, but then I read 48 "business hours". So hoping by 3pm being that you mentioned about an extra hour, and I finished by 1:30. I've got a ton of Pharm homework so I'll try to bury myself in that in the meantime. I'm going to stay positive 🙂

Mine was 48 hours from the time I finished the exam. I thought it was 48 hours from my exam appointment and I was just refreshing like crazy for 1.5 hours 😅

Mine was 48hrs from my scheduled time. I took it at 7:30pm, and quick results became available two days later at 7:30pm.