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So far when we have a new admission Medicare Part A, we focus on three things:

1/Add the primary DX by day 3 of the admission.

2/ Check if patient received fluids at the hospital and set the ARD 3 days early to be able to code the IV fluid given at the hospital.

3/ Complete section GG no later than the 3rd day from admission.

Do you look at other things on the first day you receive a new admission?

What do you look for in a patient to capture ?

I am trying to make a sense of it, I am going back and forth RAI manual, I am getting more confused. I have been told I am rushing it, everything will come with time. Really?? its been 4 months and I am still not satisfied with the way I am approaching the change.

I have been in MDS over 5 years and I am feeling as if I started MDS today?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Thank you Talino you are always a big help.