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? about PDA's on Ebay

For those who have bought their PDA on ebay with programs already loaded, which seller did you use.

I bought my PDA Zire 31 on ebay. It had the software that usually comes with it. And I bought a memory card too.

Hoozdo, ADN

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For those who have bought their PDA on ebay with programs already loaded, which seller did you use.

I got a dandy TUngsten T5 with more software loaded on it than I could ever use. I am very happy with it.

In fact, I just passed the NCLEX-RN yesterday and part of the reason was because as I studied Saunders NCLEX questions I would look up disease processess I was not familiar with on my PDA. For certain, I had at least 4 questions on the NCLEX I would have missed if not for my PDA research!

Larry77, RN

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I've purchased two on Ebay one that wasn't pre-loaded and one that was...first one was stolen..grrr (always keep your PDA with you and don't keep it in your pocket it may fall out--clip it to your pants)

Pre-loaded PDA's on Ebay are a great value but not exactly "legal". What they have done is either purchased the full version of the program once or "hacked" it to make it a full version then they upload it in all the PDA's they sell, thus making it "pirated". Also they usually supply a backup disk with all the programs on them.

Also you can purchase a new in box PDA on ebay along with a program disk that has all the codes to make the programs full versions...also not legal because they have done the same thing as mentioned above.

As far as what seller used always, always, always go by feedback and number of sales. I have yet to be ripped off on ebay after over 100 purchases because I never buy from someone without a lot of positive feedback.

Thanks for the Info on Ebay. I have used Ebay to purchase cell telephones and will shop there for a newer model PDA.

Thank you for NOT posting the sellers info; it is too close to "advertising" under our TOS (found at the bottom right of most AllNurses pages).


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hello, I am interested in learning about how to choose a PDA. I am a LVN on track to graduate with my BSN in May 06 and would like a PDA to study NCLEX style questions and to load medication/drug info. I have been to big box stores and to CNET.com for product info and just can't get a read on what to buy... so I googled and found allnurses.com.

My main question is about the storage space for programs, I believe that is in mbs ?! So how does one find the program size of a PDA NCLEX study guide? on my home computer my Springhouse NCLEX study guide is 128 mbs but I am wondering if that translates to a PDA? any assistance on this would be most helpful! I am on semester break so all my classmates who own PDAs are not currently able to assist. thanx, Lr

I have the same questions, sure hope we get some answers. I have CD's with my Davis Drug guide and others, can they just be downloaded from my home computer to my PDA?

Larry77, RN

Has 10 years experience. Specializes in Trauma/ED.

If your study guide is 128 mb you would need to have it on a external memory card ie SD, XD, (whichever type your pda uses). Most internal memory for PDA's only goes up to 128 mb's.

As far as your Davis drug guide...it has to be in a usable format for you PDA. If it says it is for a PDA than it will work but if it is just the disc out of the book it will not as those are usually just for PC (your home computer). Also another thing to realize is there are two different operating systems commonly used in PDA's one is Palm OS and the other is Windows (the mobile one don't know the name off hand). But programs are only good for one or the other, so it is a good idea to wait to purchase software until you have your PDA in hand unless you know what operating system you are getting.

Another great program to have is a Webster's dictionary. I have looked in to this and purchased the actual Webster brand as it is the most comprehensive and it also has a thesaurus. But this is a very large program (like your study guide) so it comes on a external memory card...I just leave it in my PDA that way I can always check my spelling while charting etc (I'm terrible speller he he).

I hope this helps a little good luck all,

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