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hi everyone.

i am currently a 3rd semester nursing student. it is very hard for me to "prep" quickly on my patients. so i was thinking of buying a pda to store handy information that i may need, and for future use during my nursing career. i have decided to ask you, the experienced nurses, what you think??

any suggestions are appreciated!!

thanks!! :D:nurse:

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LifelongDream works as a Pediatrics, Nursing Educator.

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Loved my PDA for my drug reference/lab values. Now that I have an iphone, it is much easier to download apps on my phone. Good luck!

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kae2010 works as a Med/Surg.

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LifeLongDream - what iphone apps do you like the best? I've tried a few and haven't been too happy with them.

In regards to PDA's my school actually gave them out to each student and i'm not going to lie but I never used it. I brought it to clinical like once but then never used it. I also wasn't found of the medical program they used and the particular Palm version we had seemed a little out dated. I also thought it was too bulky to keep in my pocket but again that was just me.

Good luck in school :)

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