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PDA or No PDA?

Are PDA's useful and/or worthwhile in the clinical setting? How bout the classroom? I've never used one but have heard a little about them. I've been looking into the Palmone Treo 650 for its phone/PDA capabilities. What are some examples of how they are useful, is it mostly to look up drugs and such? Any guidance would be appreciated.

I want one. I just ahve no idea which one to get.

RosesrReder, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

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i own the smartphone treo 650. i personally love it and use it very much (and i am not even in the nursing program yet). i have downloaded free software (epsecially the drugs) and when i am sitting somewhere can study off the phone. :chuckle

anyhow, i invite you to do a search on the site for tons of other pda threads. there you are going to find lots of reviews/opinions of what everyone else owns or will own someday. :p

have a good day.

I plan to get one once my clinicals start. I would check with the school are attend/plan to attend to see if they recommend one that works with their software. I've heard that at TWU, you can update your clinical hours through your PDA, which cuts way down on paperwork!


While I have been Searching the net for PDA as well as the chains of electronic stores, I ended up with the Palm Tungsten E2, from Skyscape. While it is not the Trio, (has no phone) it was relatively inexpensive and the company included alot of software like Archamedies, and several drug advisory programs which get updated free for the next 3 years.

That being said, it is like a car or clothes, personal choice in needs are dependent on you. Therefor, I would suggest that if you know someone who has one, you beg her or him to let you play with it so you can get to know what you are looking for.

My husband has the Treo 650 and he loves it. To me it is a little bulky so I opted to get the Sanyo I500 it is smaller and it is a phone and pda. I just ordered it the other day so I don't have it yet! My father in law owns one and he loves it! The Treo 650 is very expensive as well. If you buy it out right (no two yr plan) you are going to be out of at least 500 dollars.

I have had the Dell Axim for about a year and a half. I use it daily in the ICU. I have purchased software thru Skyscape and have been very happy.

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I'm using an HP iPAQ rx3117. It's pretty nice, and I got a good deal on it (refurbished). I haven't been able to afford extra memory for it yet (want to get a 1 gig memory card), so I'm a little light on programs. But, as a student nurse, it's extremely useful.

I have Epocrates drug reference, Lextionary (a dictionary), I can type notes with the onscreen keyboard about as fast as I can write (and it's much more legible :rolleyes: ), I can get on the internet with it (if there's a wireless access point available), and I even have a few games on it for those rare occassions when I have nothing more important to do. When I add more memory, I'll also be using it as an mp3 and movie player. But, with all the books and materials, parking for clinicals, replacement uniforms, yadda yadda, it'll be awhile before I can drop that extra $60 on memory. :o

But, to make a long post short, yes, it's definitely worth it.

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My program requires all students to purchase the same PDA because we do care plans on them. it is quite pricey, and I don't have it yet, and it better be worth it. i think it is the Dell Axim. I couldn't imagine doing care plans on a pda though. seems kind of tedious i think to type in stuff on it, but i guess we'll find out soon enough.

i want a pda real bad but not sure whats the best value out there any suggestions??

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