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pda downloads

Hi, would any of you guys know where to go to get FREE legit pda downloads for a palm m515. I need things such as drug calculations, medical dictionaries, cardic rhythm strips, lab values, assessment tips, etc. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

I don't know of any free ones, but I do know of some legit ones you can get on ebay for cheap. They are so much cheaper because they are the older versions. Really, though... how much could the dictionary have changed?

Thunderwolf, MSN, RN

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if you are going to buy any software,i suggest going right to palm.com--they have the best deals anywhere if you must buy free shipping and discounts

West_Coast_Ken, BSN, RN

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I have a Tungsten T5 loaded with software (PEPID, Skyscape and several medical freebies) and I also have purchased some non-medical programs like full backup software (yup, I do backup my Palm each time I sync up!).

Some thoughts and suggestions:

1) Decide what software you need/want (dictionary, drug reference, etc)

2) Look around at several sites...some offer higher discounts the more titles you purchase, others not necessarily... Also, check to see if your institution has a discount code to get a higher discount (I got a 25% discount on one site recently) :yeah:

3) Try the software out first. Most allow you to trial their software although it is often crippled a lot you can still get a good idea what the stuff is like.

4) Ask others who own a PDA to check their stuff out meaning "Can I poke around on your PDA to get an idea of what you are using, what you like and don't like about it, etc."

5) Shipping is usually not an issue as most (100% of the several programs I own) are all downloadable on the spot and you don't get shipped anything other than your credit card bill. :uhoh21:

6) Know there is a fairly steep learning curve both for the hardware and the software if you have never had a PDA before. I know. I have over 15 years in the IT biz and there ain't a computer system or program out there that daunts me (though some are dumber than dirt...) and I will tell you my Palm PDA has been a bit frustrating at times to figure out--especially the keyboard I just got from eBay for a mere $10. :smokin:

7) The Windows based PDAs might be a bit easier to learn if you already know a bit about Windows in the first place but I'm not entirely sure about that as I have not played with one myself. I personally think Bill Gates has over half the world's money on his ATM card and I hate to give him more, but I suggest one try both models (Palm based and Windows based) first, unless you are fearless about these things as I am. (I still think I should have played with a Windows based one, too, but I didn't...)

8) Know the PDA is a complicated tool that can be very useful, but it will not talk to you and tell you how to get things done--YOU will have to play with the durn thing and YOU might even have to read the manual. What a concept, eh? The manual, he says. Yup, there really is some good stuff buried in those things.



P.S. I never had a PDA in all my years in IT because 24 x 7 I always had many giant systems at my fingertips with massive T3 speed lines but I am glad as a nursing student I have one now.

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