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PCT trick help

shayp shayp (New) New

I took my NClex on a Saturday my PVT trick gave me a good pop up my satus was active, I wake up today I am receiving a bad pop up and it says "results not available ? my computer shut off at 85

Did the status say "delivery successful'' when you checked?

Also, from reading the forums it is looking like there is something going on with the PV website. It seems as if those who have been receiving the good pop up are now receiving the CC page/bad pop up. There are a few recent threads on this topic that you might find of assistance.

Good Luck, hoping you passed.

Yes from reading the forums everyone is getting the bad pop up now even if passed. I saw one person say they went to pay for the test and hit submit but it wouldn't let her pay it gave the good pop up after she tried to pay. I would say just pay for quick results