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PCT... Seeking advice about switching from Psych to Medical ER setting

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I've been in this field for 11 years, I started as an EMT and then I became a PCT for an inpatient psych unit. I work 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week, 4-12. Union job. Right now i make $49k per year.

I recently found a position in a different hospital, also in the same union as mine. This one is in the medical ER dept and its 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week, 7pm-8am. According to Indeed, when you filter the salary option in your search, this pays $56k-$57k per year. However, the position title is not PCT, it's ER Technologist, but the duties are basically the same (EKGs, venipuncture, vital signs, etc).

I'm tempted to apply because: A) 12 hour shift x 3 days a week, perfect for work/life balance and going to school (I'm applying to nursing school soon); B) More money. If Indeed is actually correct about this, then this position is overpaid. This is like what a entry level Respiratory therapist or an xray tech makes in my city. 

The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that, in my psych unit, we hardly do any bloodwork on my 4pm-12am shift. It's mostly the morning shift that handles the bulk of it. The last time I drew blood was maybe 2 years ago and I had missed the vein. Don't get me wrong, since I've been there, I have had many successful draws but I've also had plenty of unsuccessful where I missed the vein due to lack of repetition. 

I am comfortable with everything else (Vitals, ekg, etc) except this. Being that this is a medical ER job, I expect there will be tons more bloodwork and I am worried it might jeopardize my employment there. I mean I could buy one of those $300 venipuncture flashlights that you hold against the patient's skin perhaps(?).

Any suggestions? Would you still apply if you were me?

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