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PCT Salary in TX

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Does anyone know what the average salary for a PCT in collin county, TX might be?

I was told by a hospital that they do not hire LVN's but you are able to work as a PCT. I was unsure if the salary is comparable. Thanks so much in advance!! I hope I did this correct, its my first post.

In Columbus, OH they earn $10-$13 / hour.

I'll speculate here--m/b a lot.

Collin County is on the NE fringe of Dallas, or DFW if you like--Plano, & all that.

My only relevant experience is Arlington, down in the mid-cities, so-called, area of DFW. Based on my recent experience there, I'd guess a PCT might get paid around $11-$12 an hour. BUT, this is a guess; and you may need to consider potential differences between for-profit hospitals, and non-profit.

HCA is big in the DFW area, and this extends into Collin County.

Do some research, based on what I've mentioned here.

i work in dallas and i got 11.87/hr. a friend of mine worked at presby plano and got 14/hr but it was a float pool position and she said they get paid more for doing that.

Thank you all so much for the help!


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