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PCCN review courses/materials

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Hi guys,

Im planning to get a PCCN certification and wanted to know whats the best PCCN review courses or materials that I can use? Thanks.


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Check out the AACN website. They offer a review course. I am currently prepping with Aherns PCCN book.

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Hey, I'll be taking the PCCN In three months. I'm using the AACN book as well as Ahern's. I am listening to ICU rounds by Jeffrey Guy on iTunes and Woodruff's lectures on YouTube. I also have an ICU book or two to supplement.

I am on a surgical step down unit split with a med surg tele unit. We get sick patients but rarely do we get vents. We get cardiac overflow rarely, but we do get drips frequently.

I am a little nervous but am very excited to review all this info. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. :) good luck to us.