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PCA pay at Baptist (Memphis)


hi everybody. i have accepted a position as PCA at baptist. they are, however, taking longer than expected to give me the "official" offer with a salary quote. does anyone know how much PCAs make at baptist? i am trying to get a ballpark idea of what i'll be making so i can plan better.



It depends on how much experience you have. I started as a PCA in May of 2006 with no experience and was paid 9.15. So without experience probably at least 10.00. That is my guess because I was hired in August to do phlebotomy and I make 10.12.

yeah, i think i was quoted 10.59 by someone in HR when i was first looking at the PCA position but sort of wanted "inside" information. i still have yet to get the "official" call. thanks for the reply.


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are they hiring for phlebotomy or pca positions now? i would love to get a job at the hospital like asap. maybe i should be patient for the nurse tech positions.

I do not think that they are hiring for phlebotomy at Baptist Memphis right now but I don't know about PCA positions. They have an employment office on Humphrey's Blvd. if you want to talk to an actual person.

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